Two Parcels Adjacent to Cypress Ridge

Two Parcels Adjacent to Cypress Ridge Open Space Preserve (outlined in blue)

Parcel NumberOwnerZoningLand UseAcresSlopeDescription
064-181-18City of SausalitoOpen Space80 Tax Exempt0.2640.3%Small parcel near freeway
064-181-21City of SausalitoOpen Space80 Tax Exempt1.8143.9%Large parcel between Spring Valley and freeway

Cypress Ridge Open Space Preserve and Spring Valley

Closeup of the two adjacent parcels.

These two parcels sit on top of Cypress Ridge but are not part of the Cypress Ridge Open Space Preserve. We offer the following reasons for protecting them with a conservation easement.

  1. The large parcel, 064-181-21, was one of the three parcels purchased for $560,000 by Measure E in 1976. Unlike the other two, it did not become part of Cypress Ridge Open Space Preserve, perhaps because it lacks trails or other public recreation uses. But it was paid for by the public and the bond measure was meant to preserve all three parcels.
  2. The lack of public access and the fact that these are the most heavily wooded parts of Cypress Ridge as seen in the satellite photos above make them invaluable for wildlife. They are covered with Coast Live Oaks, Scrub Oak, Toyon, California Sagebrush, and Coyote Brush, and they have much fewer Eucalyptus than other areas. This makes them excellent habitat for birds, deer, fox and other small mammals. Deer trails are prominent and can even be seen in the satellite image running across the large parcel.
  3. The small parcel is right next to Highway 101. Housing would be unpleasant to its residents and an eyesore to commuters. When Wolfback Ridge was added to the GGNRA in 1974, it preserved a scenic corridor along Highway 101 from Robin Williams Tunnel to Northern Sausalito. It will remain a striking scenic corridor for as long as development along the freeway remains unthinkable.

Scrub Oak and Coyote Brush.

Coast Live Oak

This broken chain link fence probably marks the boundary between Cypress Ridge Open Space Preserve and the large, adjacent parcel. The fire road extends only about as far as can be seen here. The limited public access benefits wildlife.

A deer trail in the large parcel.

All donations made at our partner’s website,, will fund this project until its $9,000 budget is met or until December 31, 2021, whichever is first.

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