The Cypress Ridge Access Road Parcel

The Parcel Containing the Access Road to Cypress Ridge Open Space Preserve (outlined in blue)

Parcel NumberOwnerZoningLand UseAcresSlopeDescription
064-133-01City of SausalitoOpen Space80 Tax Exempt0.6425.3%Contains unofficial access road

Parcel 064-133-01 is adjacent to the Cypress Ridge Open Space Preserve and is important for three reasons:

  1. As we shall see, this parcel contains the only safe pedestrian access road into Cypress Ridge that allows the public to walk up the ridge and enjoy its views. Note the access road in the satellite image above.
  2. Developing the parcel would obstruct some of its scenic views.
  3. It contains animal trails that connect Cypress Ridge with the undeveloped PG&E Easement parcel (064-334-13). This is one path that wildlife use to travel between Cypress Ridge and the Saucelito Creek Wildlife Refuge.

The Only Safe Public Access

If we compare the satellite image above to this parcel map, we see that the access road begins in a Cypress Ridge Open Space Preserve parcel (064-133-05) but a significant part of it traverses the parcel under discussion (064-133-01). It would be difficult to reroute the access road because it would be blocked by vegetation, and it would be too steep.

This is the gate to the official access road to the west just off of Rodeo Ave. Note the entry sign on the right.

The gate is right next to the Rodeo Ave freeway exit ramp. Cars come off the freeway around a blind bend at up to 40 miles per hour.

Looking the other way, we see that there is no roadside parking and no sidewalk. It would be dangerous for pedestrians to park downhill and walk up here to the official access road.

There is a road across the street, but its gate is usually locked and there is no indication it is available for public parking.

This is the unofficial, unmarked eastern access road that crosses into the Access Road Parcel which is not part of the open space preserve.

There are parking spots across the road and along the road. So this is what people actually use, and developing this parcel would eliminate the unofficial access road and leave no safe way to access the ridge.

Obstructed Views

As one exits Cypress Ridge Open Space Preserve and descends the access road, the lovely views of Richardson Bay become more and more obstructed by these apartments at the Sausalito Towers. The Access Road Parcel is right next to these apartments where a Eucalyptus grove stands today so developing this parcel will just further spoil the setting.

Rerouting the Access Road

If the Access Road Parcel were developed the existing access road would have to be rerouted, and it would have to cut through this Eucalyptus grove including the dense underbrush beneath it. The new road would be quite a bit steeper.

Animal Trails

Wildlife use the trails marked with an orange path above to go from Cypress Ridge to the undeveloped PG&E parcel just below the ridge. This is part of the Wildlife Corridor that connects Cypress Ridge and the Saucelito Creek Wildlife Refuge (SCWR) to the north. The SCWR contains a creek which is the nearest source of water in the area. In one study, motion activated cameras captured deer, grey fox and coyotes using this corridor nightly.


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